Hillsborough, NJ Women's Fitness Center

Yoga, Sculpture, Cardio, Tai Chi, Zumba, and Senior Classes

Fit'n'Firm is a women's fitness center that is conveniently located in Hillsborough, New Jersey, close to Manville, Montgomery, and Skillman. We provide a fun, non-intimidating, safe, and motivating atmosphere where you can build a support team, meet new people, and join together in achieving your fitness goals.

Donna Rose, the owner of Fit'n'Firm, has fourteen years of experience in this industry, and strives to help every member develop a workout program that works for them and achieve their personal best.

Our fitness center offers the 30-minute PACE Hydraulic Circuit Program, designed to exercise all areas of your body. PACE was designed by women, for women.

What is PACE?

PACE (Programmed Accomodating Circuit Exercise) is a fun, non-threatening group exercise program that quickly and safely changes your body shape. PACE utilizes hydraulic resistance machines that match the effort of the user at any fitness level. PACE is fun, fast, and produces results quickly.

How does PACE work?

A PACE program works on a work/recovery/work/recovery format alternating between the hydraulic exercise stations and recovery stations, such as jogging squares or step benches for an interval of 30 seconds.

What will PACE do for me?

The major benefit for a PACE user is inches lost. You will burn lots of calories and strengthen your MMuscles while having fun. You will look and feel better, quickly and safely.

Will I get big muscles?

No, for the same reason you will not be sore, there is no negative or eccentric resistance with PACE, which you need to build larger muscles. What you will notice, is stronger, leaner, more toned muscles. A benefit of stronger muscles is an increase in your resting metabolism, which means you will burn more calories in everyday activity.

Why does Fit'n'Firm offer PACE?

After doing research into many different programs and fitness options, PACE proved to be the most complete and effective program on the market. PACE is the result of over 20 years of research by noted exercise physiologists and fitness experts from around the world.

Why choose Fit'n'Firm?

Fit'n'Firm's equipment has adjustable restraints, which means you will not plateau like on other 30-minute circuits. Also, at Fit'n'Firm we focus not only on fitness, but on friendships. The circuit goes by quickly when you are socializing if you would like to.

We also offer yoga, personal training, hula hoop, and body sculpting classes with reasonable and flexible memberships. There are no enrollment fees and no long-term contracts that must be signed to join our classes.

Contact us in Hillsborough, New Jersey for the best in women's fitness, including women's circuit workout, cardio, and toning classes.